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Osteopathy is useful for a check up after birth, even when there are no symptoms, or when you have a crybaby. There are many reasons for a baby to cry, as an osteopath I can search for tensions in the body to understand what disturbs the baby's functions. For example: reflux, bowel problems, cranial dysfunctions, skull disformation, torticollis,...


Children who complain from stomach pain, headache, joint or muscle pain due to their growth or after a fall can find relief through osteopathic treatment. Or I can even help in more specific cases like allergies, asthma, speech or breath problems (mouth breather), otitis, coördination disturbances, ...


The skull and face of a child develops during the years to achieve their final form, the position of the teeth are the consequence of this growth together with the tongue function. In early age (ideal around 6 years) this can be treated with osteopathy. In adult age malocclusions can result in jaw pain or neck pain or even lower back pain because of tensions in muscular chains, also here osteopathic treatment can relief the symptoms.


It is always good to follow the transformation of the body during pregnancy and to prepare the body on the birth. I will check wether the pelvis, and the rest of the body is able to move properly. Different kind of complaints can be relieved with osteopathic treatment. Besides as a pregnant woman you are not allowed to take most medication, for example in case of sinusitis, I can help to drain the sinuses.


Osteopathic treatment can help if you suffer from complaints in joints without major trauma, limited mobility, arthrosis, herniated disc , post-operative pain,... Mobilization and manipulation of the joints give back their normal mobility, In case of structural changes in joints, osteopathy tries to make the functional area mobile again and prevent extra charge on the damaged joint through correcting the body posture.


Muscular tensions can limit mobility, cause postural changes, give pain. The goal of osteopathic treatment is to find the cause of this tension, to resolve this and to help the muscle to release.


Neuralgia is common in arms or legs, but can also appear in the head or the face. It arises through compression on the nerve somewhere on its way. It can be due to a structural problem, but also through a functional problem. Osteopathy can resolve the functional problems and can bring some relief in most structural problems.


A lot of people are struggling with their digestion. Stomach problems result in acid reflux or stomach cramps. Bowel problems can give a blowing feeling, flatulence, bowel cramps, obstipation and/or diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, bad absorption of nutrients,... Osteopathy can help to regulate the  digestive system.


There are different types of headaches, most common are tension headache and migraine. For both types of headache osteopathy can help to relief. Osteopathic treatment will diminish the frequency and the intensity  of the attacks.


Menstruation should not be painful, pain is an indicator of a problem. Even pain during sexual activities is not normal and should be treated. Ovarian cysts, endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome are a few of the menstrual disorders and can be partially relieved through osteopathic treatment. Also when there are difficulties to get pregnant it can be advisable to do an osteopathic check up to optimize the normal body functions.


Most importantly is prevention here. Are you someone who does sports regularly and so you ask a lot of your body, it is advisable to do an osteopathic check up a few times a year depending on your constitution and level of intensity. But if you get injured osteopathic treatment can help you to recover more quickly, because the treatment will stimulate the automatic body recovery through mobilizations and increased blood circulation.


Cranio-sacral therapy concern different osteopathic techniques on the skull, the spine and the sacrum (part of the pelvis). These are soft techniques and will be applied on baby's, and in case of cranial or sacral disorders.


Many people suffer from different kind of chronic diseases which decreases the patient"s quality of life. Osteopathic treatment can be a support trough optimizing the body functions, the flexibility and the blood circulation, which lead to improvement of the patient's quality of life.


Burn-out is a complex failure of the body through a long exposure to stress and pressure. I have an HRV-scan (Heart-Rate-Variability), which measures the impact from stress on the body. This gives a lead where your autonomic nervous system fails. Osteopathic treatment will support the nervous system to get it more in balance, together with treatment of the other body functions. 

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